Sunday, May 27, 2012

v.s. Surgery #2

At the end of my last appointment with Dr. Kalberg I was told to come in once I got my braces off to get my second surgery. I accepted that and went on my way. Then after I got may braces off we called to make an appointment and Dr. Kalberg had retired!!! My mother got so angry she went in and complained and he said he would come back to do my second surgery. They didn’t know for sure if I would need the surgery or not so they told me to come in so they could take a look. Turns out I did need it and they informed right then and there that I was getting my surgery right then! I was so scared I had no time to prepare myself!
After seeing them bring in a tray with three very big needles on it I think I went into panic. I started breathing very deeply and I was so nervous but I didn’t want to let it show because then I know it would have been so much worse. I was very sad I didn’t have my I-pod with me this time but nonetheless they had to do the surgery. The second they started bringing the needles to my mouth I griped my arms and stomach and literally began to shake. I am terrified of needles and not having the time to prepare myself made it that much harder to bear. Yet again after three shots I was ready to go.
Very similarly to the first surgery after I was numbed I don’t really remember anything. I do know that they cut a piece of skin from the top of my mouth and put it on my lower gums. Unlike the first time I didn’t have to get my tissue sliced and but I did still need stitches on my gums. Different than the first surgery was the way they stitched my gums. The first time they just stitched it on the front. This time however, they stitched the front and through the teeth to the back of my jaw. I can now feel the stitches on the back of my teeth unlike last time. Also different from the last time I didn’t get a band-aid for the roof of my mouth. Because I have a retainer it will act as a band-aid to prevent infection but like last time I will have to get my bottom band-aid changed after a week.
Very different from my first surgery this recovery has been a breeze. I went back to school right after they finished and I have been going ever since. I also am not in any pain at all. I can eat solid food as long as I don’t bite into it, I can fall asleep the second my head touches the pillow, and I have only had to ice my jaw once. Life is good. However unlike before the band-aid on my gums will not stay on. I had the first one on for 2 days before it came loose and had to be replaced. Then just two hours after it was replaced the replacement came loose! However unlike the first time I am not going to tell anyone of my replacement band-aid coming loose. I think my mom would kill me.
Over all I think my experience has been very good. I have a very good doctor and an extremely sweet nurse. I have pain meds that work like charm and help me sleep. Plus I have amazing friends backing me up 100% of the way. I could not have asked for a better experience, however I cannot wait for it all to be over. Once I have free range of my mouth I tell you I will be a very happy women.
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