Sunday, May 27, 2012

The NERVE! part 2

Operation Bachelorette Party

The last thing a Bridesmaid must do is plan a Bachelorette party fit to the brides taste. They must ask her what she wants and make sure to carry out their plans in a semi secretive way as to not give away all the party surprises. If the party isn’t going to be fun for the Bride, then what’s the point? When meeting with my sister about the party they were told that she wanted a formal sophisticated bachelorette party. She wanted all of her cousins there and she wanted things for her younger sister (me) and the adults attending the party, to do before going bar hopping that night. Upon hearing this, the girls agreed, but after heading into party planning things got ugly. Because I am the maid of honor my sister gave me the party-planning crown. I decided to host a cocktail party at my house prior to dinner at Zins. Although they agreed to this they seem to think that the bar hopping that night will be used for getting completely smashed and raunchy! They also insist on disagreeing with all of the cocktail party choices my sister and me decided on and long story short, they are doing the complete opposite of what they should. What a shocker!

These bridesmaids have gone crazy and are doing nothing of what would be expected of them. My sister and I often wish we could go back and choose three different people to be her lovely bridesmaids. People who did all they could to help and who were always kind and polite to everyone. However this is not possible and the very people who are supposed to be her best friends are forcing my sister to tears. This is defiantly not how bridesmaids should act, and if I had it my way I would change the date and time of the wedding and get three new bridesmaids to fill their spots.
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