Sunday, May 27, 2012


For the past year my sister has been planning her wedding. Although there have been many mishaps and accidents leading up to her big day the one that sticks out by far as the biggest pain in our asses are the bridesmaids my sister picked for her wedding party. These bridesmaids have been doing the compleate opposite of what is to be expected of them and I only hope I can learn from my sisters biggest mistake.

Operation Bridesmaid Dresses

A good Bridesmaid must wear whatever it is the bride picks out for her for the wedding. This means that there will be no wining and nagging to the bride or other bridesmaids about how much they dislike the dress. It is the brides big day, not yours! However, apparently my sister’s bridesmaids did not know of this rule, because they have been giving us every reason of why they don’t like the bridesmaids dresses my sister has picked out. There is no respect for the bride’s choices at all. When my sister said she wanted short dresses for her bridesmaids, the three girls instantly felt the need to tell her how much they hate their legs and how they refuse to wear a short dress in the wedding. Then after my sister was polite enough to pick out a completely different floor length dress for them to wear they decided they didn’t like that dress either because it showed their guts too much! This is how we landed on dress number 3. With the fabric stretching to the floor and rouching around the middle to hide oversized stomachs they are still complaining. This is NOT how a bridesmaid should act.

Operation Do What Your Told

A good Bridesmaid should do whatever they can to keep the brides life stress free up to the wedding. They should offer to help set up for showers, run out to pick up a forgotten item, and be kind and gentle when trying to say the hair style picked for the wedding makes the bride look like a moose. However, similarly to the bridesmaid dress fiasco the case of these three bridesmaids is completely different then what you would expect. The first thing one bridesmaid did after having her dress bought and altered, was threaten to quit the bridal party. She was upset because her little sister (whom my sister had met maybe 5 times over the years) was not being invited to the wedding. She then decided to call my sister and yell at her for not having proper “wedding etiquette”. I’m sorry, but seriously??? The next thing one of the other brides maids did was tell my sister she HAD to wear her hair half up and half down because she looked funny with her hair all done up. My sister has worn her hair up for every dance all through high school and every formal event prior. So you’re choosing now to tell her that her favorite kind of hairstyle makes her head look funny? These girls are just ridiculous.
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