Sunday, May 27, 2012


My mother’s hairstyles can be classified into five main groups. There’s the Short hair, the Long hair, the Brunette style, the Blond look, and her SURPRISE category. Every month she gets a new style and she never ceases to surprise me.
My mothers dream hairstyle is long hair. Of course her idea of long hair is just around shoulder length so its not technically long! She loves the look of long hair but she insists that it doesn’t look good on her so she very rarely goes for this look. However she has tried this look a few times over the years but usually would cut it short right after she reached the length she wanted. I will never understand!
My mother’s next style is short. She almost always has short hair, but no worries she mixes it up. Most of the time her hair is about 2 inches long but sometimes she gets crazy and does 2 ½ inches! WOW your really mixing it up mom!
Whenever my mom gets a new hair cut people always comment on the color. Some times it blond, sometimes its brown, sometimes it has a tint of red, but mostly its brown. Lately my mothers go to color is brown. Don’t get me wrong, she always finds a way to spice the color up, but really? Brown? What a poopy color!
Back in the olden days when blonds really did have more fun, my mother always had bleach blond hair! Lately there has been less and less blond but she still trys to throw it in every once in a while. And of course she always finds ways to have fun!
The fifth category my mothers hair falls into is the surprise me category! Believe it or not but sometimes Deborah gets a little funky. Not only will she combine two of the categories, but sometimes she combines all four! Like one time she had her hair longish in the front and it got shorter in the back, it was brown with blond highlights! Getting fancy! Lately though her favorite hairstyle seems to combine three of the groups. Usually her hair is short, brown, with blond streaks. Currently all of her hair is brown except for her bangs, which are a beachy blond. Now that’s hip!
 Not only will Deborah combine the categories, but she also enjoys mixing up the texture of her hair. Sometimes it will lay flat but others she will have it all spiked up. Also sometimes in the back instead of laying it down ward she will sweep the hair to the side!
As forest Gump would say, Deborah’s hair is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your gonna get. 
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