Sunday, May 27, 2012


During this time of the year the thought in all high school students minds is ‘How can I possibly get to all of my friends graduation parties!?’. Well, unfortunately, If you are anything like me, then there is no possible way to squeeze them all in. However there is a process that is guaranteed to make you more successful than you otherwise would be.
The first choice you must make before planning out your daily route is picking a grad party buddy! You can have one or three or five but make sure your group isn’t too big because you want to make sure you have chances to talk to everyone at every party and aren’t confined to a group. Also decide who the designated driver will be for you weekend(s) so you don’t have to worry about transportation when your trying to get from party to party.
Once you have found your party buddies it is time to start getting prepared for your all you can eat journey. Collect the date and time for all of your friends parties. Weather it’s by facebook or by mail the most important thing is to make sure you have an invite for all the parties you are planning on attending.
After you have gathered all of the dates and times for parties it is time to start organizing. On an Excel document or in a table on word make columns for Name, Time, Date, and Address. Depending on how many days you are attending grad parties is how many separate tables you will need. Have one for each day and order the parties by time within each table.
Now that you have established all of the dates and times and days you have to find out how to get to each house. Although GPS’s are good it always takes time to plug in the address. Depending on how many parties you are attending this time might be very important to your schedule. I would suggest either map questing or making sure ahead of time you know where all of the streets of the parties are.
Now that you have your days all planned out you are ready to go! Just make sure that your getting to all of your good friends parties and if time goes past too quickly don’t be afraid to make necessary cuts. Remember people wont die just because you couldn’t make it to their party.
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