Monday, May 28, 2012

I Hope I Make It

At the end of every school year all of the choir kids go through a series of auditions. We have auditions for concert choir, Happiness, chamber choir, moonlight, and all of the other none varsity choirs. There’s so much stress put on us right in the midst of finals and saying goodbye to the seniors, sometimes it hard to manage everything at once.
After we all found out which showchoir we were put in it was time for chamber choir and moonlight callbacks. I was very nervous for these auditions because these are the two hardest singing groups to get into. Last year I made it into chamber choir but this year it is a whole new playing field. More freshmen were called back than ever and there was some extraordinary talent at both auditions.
Moonlight is the jazz group at my high school. They do more rhythmic and harmonized songs. Also they are smaller than chamber choir. Moonlight has 16 people in it. Four to each singing part and when they perform all sixteen members have microphones and stand in a half circle and sing. Sometimes they use a band and sometimes they have a person in the group beat box or have multiple people singing the background music.
Chamber choir is very different. Chamber is our choir of choral singers. We do very traditional music and some fun young music also. Unlike moonlight there is no fixed number for chamber choir. Some times it’s as small as eighteen and sometimes its as big as thirty two. In the winter chamber choir does Christmas music and we get to go around and carol at old folks homes and at parties. Chamber choir is a very fun choir to be in.
The auditions for theses two choirs were also very much different. The moonlight auditions was much smaller than the chamber audition. Also we obviously sang very different music selections for both auditions.
At the moonlight audition we sang a very jazzy song and they would just grab about eight random people to pull up and see how they sounded together. You got to sing multiple times with multiple people and everyone did very well.
At the Chamber audition we sang a very traditional piece. It was very pretty but not very fun to sing. At this audition we only got to sing twice. Once with an octet and once when they split the students in half and had each half sing. Both are very different and I am so nervous to find out who will make up the two new groups.

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