Monday, May 28, 2012

The Things We Do.

When kids are young there’s always times in a parents day-to-day life where they just sit back and see what their child will do next. There is always something you wouldn’t expect and things are always unplanned. Just as there will always be those proud memories of their first steps and the first time they ride a bike there are also the funny memories of things you just wish could happen over and over again. In my family there have been many of these moments and I just love to share them.
My oldest brother drew perhaps has the cutest story of the bunch. This is one I’m sure every parent will want to experience. One day my mom went up stairs real quick to do something on the computer and drew was down stirs playing. When my mom came back down stairs my brother was sitting in the time-out chair looking very very guilty. My mom thought he might be feeling sick or something so she asked him if he was alright my brother responded “I umm…I pulled the cats tail so I put myself in time-out”. My mom had to run to the bathroom because she didn’t want to laugh in front of my brother. Oh what kids will do!
For my sister it was harder to think of a childhood story. She was adopted so my parents didn’t get her until she was fifteen months old. It was her very first night in America so her sleep schedule was very different from that of my parents. When it was time for my parents to go to sleep she wasn’t tired so my mom brought her into their room and just laid her down on her own stomach. Eventually she did fall asleep but In the middle of the night my mom decided to flip over and the instant she did my sister was flung at high speed off the bed. She will never let my parents forget that one.
My other brother Ethan was also adopted but this story had nothing to do with that. When my brother was about three he was up stairs playing in his room. My parents were out doing yard work, like the rest of the neighborhood and so they eventually convened at a neighbor’s house for a glass of wine. Two hours later someone asked my mom where Ethan was. She instantly ran home and up to Ethan’s room. He was there playing with his Lagos and this is what he said. “Well a little bit ago I got kinda hungry so I went down stairs but I couldn’t find you so I came back up. But its ok I wasn’t scared because I have Otis and God with me.” My mother thought that was so cute and so she went out and bought him an ice cream.
Now I saved the best story for last. When I was about two we had just gotten two new kittens. One of them was very playful and so when my mom sprinted up the stairs to do something quick Otis leaped up and bite my mom right in the tush. My mom instantly turned around and hit Otis off of her bottom just on instinct. I was standing at the bottom of the stairs when this happened and I was so angry I said “Mommy you just hit Otis! We never hit Otis!” My mother replied very coolly “You don’t bite mommy’s bottom!” About a month later we at church and the children’s service was going on. The topic was about the Ten Commandments and so they were asking all the kids what kind of rules they have at home. I instantly raised my hand and said very loudly “you don’t bite mommy’s bottom!” The whole church when quiet and my mom just started sinking to the floor. Oh the things us kids say!
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