Monday, May 28, 2012

HOW TO… Make an English Baby’s Baby Formula

A little over a year ago my brother went over to Prague to teach English for a year. While he was there he met a man who was also teaching English though the same program. It turns out Rich and his wife were from Britain and they were moving to Prague for a year to be with Hannah’s parents, who were not doing well under the communist regime. My brother Drew became very good friends with Rich and Hannah and they planned to visit him back in America. However Right before their trip over Hannah got pregnant and so here they are one year later with a little English baby girl.
Once arriving at our house after a very long drive Ella, the baby, was ready for some food. Who knew there was an entire process to making an English baby a baby’s formula?
First you must wash the baby’s bottles. They must be very sterile so you have to boil them in very hot water. My mother got out a pot so Hannah could do this and fifteen minutes later all of the bottles were sterilized.
The Second step is, you have to sterilize the water being mixed in for the baby formula. When Hannah asked my mother for a Kettle none of knew how to respond. I had never seen a kettle before in my life, and when we told her we heat watch in a glass-measuring bowl in the microwave she was amazed! Who knew you could boil water without a kettle.
After the water is heated you have to put eight ounces of water in each baby bottle. We had enough water for three bottles so we filled them to the line. Another interesting thing is that a British fluid once and an American fluid ounce are slightly different. So we had to guess which line to fill the bottles up to.
Next you have to mix in the baby formula. Hanna told us we needed seven scoops of formula for each bottle. Now it was our turn to be amazed. Seven scoops is SO MUCH! As it turns out their scoop size was also much smaller than ours.
Now that the formula, the sterilized water, and the sterilized bottle have been all put together and mixed its time to cool the bottle down. You cant give a baby a bottle of boiling water so we had to put it in the fridge for a little while to cool it down.
And that’s how you make an English baby’s baby formula.
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