Monday, May 28, 2012


This is it. The big cahuna; the final destination in this long journey of blogerdom. I’m done. Its over. I’ve never felt more relived in my entire life. I have thought long and hard about what this blog will be about, space suits or football player’s butts? I have thought about how long to make it, only to the requirement or a short novel? I have even considered not writing it at all, in which I would get a bad grade so I decided to X-nay that idea. But finally I think I have settled on a topic. I am so happy I’m finished with blogging because…
…now I have more time to spend doing other things. I can go to target, I can read a book, I can clean my room, I can spend more time with my boyfriend. There are so many doors opening in front of me I don’t even know what to think. All of these thirty-minute periods of time are going to add up and I could do something great! At a total of 90 blogs I am averaging at 2700 minutes and I am determined to get that time back!
…now I will not have to worry about cramming all thirty blogs into one weekend. Because of who I am I would always leave my thirty-blog requirement till the last weekend of the term. That stressful weekend of scheduling time periods and googleing for topics of interest is gone and out of mind. Now more sleep will be achieved, fewer wrinkles will form on my face, and I will be less likely to go blind from the light of the computer.
…now will no longer have to worry about reaching my 300 word requirement, no more fluffing till I reach the perfect 300. Goodbye
(300 words exactly!)

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