Sunday, April 15, 2012

We Did It!

In my life I have been a lot of things, but this is my first, and probably my last, time I will ever be a national champion. After Happiness Inc, the varsity show choir at Kennedy High School, won nationals down in Nashville, Tennessee, the feelings going through me were crazy. I was happy, proud, excited, and even sad. This is what being a national champion means to me.
Being a national champion means that I along with the rest of my show choir have worked our butts off! It means that we have had the longest season ever stretching from July all the way to March. It means we never gave up and kept on trying to improve our show. We pushed the bounds of happiness up and over the sights we saw at the beginning of our season. Before it began, we only dreamed of the possibility to be national champions. Now that dream is a reality and we are all so happy for it.
Being in show choir is like having a second family. Being a national champion makes me proud of all my friends and makes me so happy for the years to come when we will reminisce about the glory days in Happiness Inc. This year we worked so hard and we managed to make it farther than any other Happiness group has gone before us. Being in Happiness Inc. of 2012 school year makes me proud to be a Kennedy student and it means that I have given my energy and attention over to something that is worth more than anything else they can offer us students in high school. It means we made life time friends, memories, records that other groups to follow us will strive to reach.
Being a national champion makes me sad. Now knowing that our season is over, we will forever miss the times and memories we have shared in 2012. Being in Happiness means that we will always have a connection to the people in our group, and even though were all sad that it's over, it will remain to be a “Happi” memory that none of us will soon forget. Knowing that half our group will be leaving at the end of this year makes us all sad. Nervous and excited, for us and them, to continue on knowing forever that we were the group that made it farther than any other happiness group had. Knowing that we made a bond that can never be broken.
Being a national champion makes me excited for next year. Although all the juniors will miss the leaving class, we are still so excited to see how the group will hold in next years season. We're excited to go back out with our heads held high knowing that we are one of the best. Knowing that it wasn’t easy to get to where we are now. We are excited to welcome all the new members who are lucky enough to achieve their goal and be a part of Happiness, Inc. next year. We are excited to go back out and work our butts off yet again trying to reach beyond the triumphs we reached this year
            Over all, we have had a GREAT season. Better than any of us hoped for, and better than anyone was expecting. We have pushed the limits and now our name is one being said across the nation. We ended up on top, and now it's time to bask in the glory of our accomplishments. We did it, Happiness Inc. We did what no one thought we could do. We bounced back up when we fell and worked harder than any group at Kennedy has worked before. We did it. And that’s what it means to be a national champion.

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