Sunday, April 15, 2012

The colors of my life

When I think of the color red I think of my boyfriend Jon. His favorite color is red so every time I see the color it’s a nice reminder of how lucky I am. Red is also the color of a heart. So in a sense red makes me think of love. But more often then not when I see the color red I think of blood. I must say I am not a fan of the color red.

When I think of blue I can’t help but think about the sky. Those lovely days when there’s not a cloud in sight and you’re out walking around in the sun. I also think of the ocean and how broad and vast it is. When I think of the ocean I feel like life has so many possibilities. The color blue is always nice. If however it is navy blue I think of the night sky. I think of lying out under the stars with someone I love and care about. I think about how long it would take to count every star in the sky.

            When I think of yellow I see my mom. That’s her favorite color and it fits cause yellow is such a happy color and she always seems to be in a happy go lucky mood. Yellow also makes me think of the sun. I wonder how so much light can all come from the same place. Radiating over and warming everything below. I also think of baby chicks. I see them popping out of their eggs so ready to join the world.

            When I think of green I think of life, of the earth and all the trees and plants. Hostas somehow always come to mind. I also find myself thinking of grass and the plants ability to never stop growing even after the plant is always being knocked down. It always just pops back up again.

            White makes me think of cleanliness, of heaven and of an empty sheet of paper. Like a new chapter waiting to be written. White also makes me think of clouds and how they are always so light and fluffy looking. Like cotton candy in the sky.

            When I think of black I think of a big dark hole. Like a well that has no bottom, going straight though the earth out past china and into the sky. But always dark. I think of sleep and all the colors I see behind my eye lids and how they always end up turning back to black.

The colors of my life
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