Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vera v.s. Coach part 2

            When choosing between accessories my answer is clear. Vera Bradley has a very low selection of accessories. In fact, when clicking on the Accessories button on their page all that comes up is lap top cases and cosmetic bags, and in my opinion these are not accessories at all! However when clicking on the Coach Accessories button a wide variety of hats, scarves, fragrances, key chains, and pet accessories pops up! Now that’s what I call accessories! So my clear choice is Coach!

            Under this category there is no competition! Literally! Coach doesn’t even have a travel or Luggage section on their web page! How can this be? Coach lovers must go on vacation sometimes! However Vera has multiple duffels, rolling luggage, dopp kits, luggage tags, and backpacks that make travel so much more fun and colorfully organized! So obviously my luggage allegiance is pledged to Vera! For now and forever more!

            This category is just pathetic! Coach has an assortment of coats and jackets and that’s it! Not T-shirts or jeans, no tank tops or underwear! Coats and jackets is all they have to offer! But this offer is better than the one given by Vera for there is no apparel on that web page. Vera has nothing to wear on your body. Period. Not even jackets!

            Another Clear win for Vera. When looking at all the school options coming from her end you end up with laptop cases, dopp kits, pens, laundry bags, coffee mugs, blankets, picture frames, everything you could possibly need when getting ready to go off to college! Coach however is no comparison. All they have to offer is a dinky lap top case. LAME! How am I supposed to carry my laundry home in a laptop case! Selection is much too stingy!

            The final category discussed on this blog is men. When browsing through Vera I see nothing manly enough to make it into a guy’s wish list! So unfortunately I must say that Vera looses this one. Coach has a variety of shoes and bags for men. Not to mention phadoras, key chains, wallets, and belts. So the win for the Men category goes to Coach!
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