Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vera v.s. Coach

When someone asks me my two favorite brand names I have no problem finding my answer. It would defiantly be Vera Bradley and Coach! But I don’t know if I could say which I like better. I like them both for different reasons!

            When I think of shoes I defiantly like coach better! Coach has a very wide variety of shoes such as boots, high tops, heels, exc.! The list goes on and on! Almost any style of shoe you could possibly want you can get in any color! Vera however only has flip flops! Although flip flops are great in the summer I really only wear them when going to the pool or beach! I, not being one to take a visit to the pool very often, find myself standing strong with Coach on this one.

When it comes to bags, totes and clutches alike it is a very tough decision. I would probably have to say though that I prefer Vera bags. There are so many styles and patterns there are probably millions of combinations that could be made to personalize a bag to my style. I being a softy for options have to choose Vera. Coach though does have very good bags! I myself have quite a few purses and clutches at home. But the patterns aren’t as exciting and the variety just isn’t as broad. So Vera it is!

Although I don’t own Coach or Vera sunglasses I would have to say I am a Vera sunglasses fan. Most Coach sunglasses are quite big and chunky and I am much more a sleek sunglasses fan. I did come very close to buying a pair of Coach sunglasses once but now looking back and comparing them to the Vera sunglasses I want now I simply couldn’t go any way but Vera! The bold patterns and thin-rimmed glasses frames sore far above that of the chunky rimmed Coach sunglasses.
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