Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To Blog, Or Not To Blog

      For the past TWO TERMS in AP Language and Composition my classmates and i have been allowed a choice between reading and blogging on our free days every week. Today however my teacher informed me that i was not allowed to read until i had finished one blog. I have always considered myself very productive on free days because i stay in the room, usually by myself, and read to my hearts content. Today however, i feel more unproductive than i ever have in this class.
      Every free day i come to class excited to be able to sit down with a nice intriguing book and read about a beautiful love affair or an exciting thriller novel. Today however, I am not excited for this free day. Rather than sitting in the warm sun outside reading a book about a forbidden love, i am being forced to sit at a cramped computer and shell out a blog that frankly, i do not even care about. Usually during a free day i am happy and easy going! Today however i am feeling quite bitter, more so than I have ever felt at school, especially in this class.
      Usually on free days i am sitting reading as much as possible hoping that time will freeze and i will be able to sit and read all day, rather than for just one short fifty five minute period. Today however i am waiting, and WAITING for this period to end. Fifty five minutes has never seemed so long and three hundred words has never seemed like so many. I would normally be sitting in a nice cozy rocking chair reading my time away. Instead I am sitting in an old squeaky plastic chair. My bum is asleep, and I can not wait until its 1:45.
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