Sunday, April 8, 2012

         In my opinion animal lovers can be classified into 3 groups. The cat lovers, the dog lovers, and everyone else who either hates all animals or just has a weird obsession with some random animal of their choice. I myself am a cat person.
       One group of people in our population likes cats. Most of the people who like cats more so than dogs or any other animal like the quietness of a cat or a cats ability to cuddle up close and make you feel better. Cats are also very independent and they can, for the most part, take care of themselves. Cat people are usually very confident in themselves and are usually working people who aren't home very much during the day. This is why part of the population is fond of cats. You can be gone all day and not have to worry about coming home and letting them out or having to take them on walks. All you have to do as a cat owner is be home twice a day to give them food. Plus you still get the perk of having something to come home too rather than an empty house.
       Another very large portion of our population is the dog lovers. One common characteristic of dog lovers is a person who likes to feel needed. Or someone who enjoys doing things for others. This fits with dogs because they need to be taken out multiple times a day. For someone who likes to feel needed having an animal who depends on you to take them outside multiple times a day definitely fills that need. A second characteristic of a person who likes dogs mores than cats is the athletic portion of our population. They enjoy dogs because having a dog gives them an excuse to go out for a walk or take a run with their favorite running buddy. Dogs almost never run out of energy and for a person who loves physical activity this is definitely an upside.
      The last group of people in our population are the people who don't like dogs or cats. These can be people who either travel often or aren't financially stable but also germifobes. A lot of people who don't like cats or dogs end up also not liking other types of animals. This is often because they may think animals are dirty or they carry bugs and germs. These types of people are usually very clean and neat and don't like the hair that the common house hold pet leaves behind. There is also people in this group who like a different animal other than dogs and cats. These people usually pic an animal because it shares some ability or characteristic with themselves. For example a person who loves to swim or be in water might love fish because they feel they can connect with that species better than any other.


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