Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to be a national champion part 2

Finally its time for the competition season to begin. You must attend a few competitions before nationals just so you can see what the judges like and don’t like. Make changes to your show and always be looking for ways to make it better. The most important part of having a knock out show choir during competition season is being a good sport. You must always cheer for the other teams and standing O’s are a must even if you didn’t like the group’s show. You also always stand and clap when they are giving awards. You stand and give every group their moment because they worked just as hard if not harder than you. They deserve some applause.
            Finally it’s time for nationals. Now how will you get there? You have to focus on raising money throughout the season because for some families it is very difficult to pay their Childs way through a show choir season. You must offer fundraisers and make as much money for the trip as possible to lower the cost for the students. If you cant afford to bring the entire group you obviously will not achieve your goal of winning national champs and having as much fun along the way as possible.
Now that your there it is completely essential that you remember everything you have ever worked on. You must give all the energy in your body over to the show and leave everything out on that stage. After day rounds you must remember everything the judges told you to work on and do as much as you can before finals to make them like you more than any other group at the competition. Don’t go crazy and change the entire show but just try and do something so that the judges will know you are trying to improve on the points they gave you.
The last step is accepting the awards. Now you have made it this far and you might get national champs you might not, so don’t let yourself get too cocky. When they announce awards always clap for everyone. You must be a great sport in order for people to like and respect your group. If they have come to the first runner up and you still have not been announced you can be excited but remember until your name is called you are cheering for they the other groups and not yourself. If the second place is announced and you have won you cannot cheer! Give the second place group their moment in the sun and let them be happy for their accomplishments. Finally when, and if, they yell your name for national champs you may cheer but remember that you must always congratulate the other groups when you see them. They worked hard too and everyone will have done a great job.

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