Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to be a national champion part 1


Just last week the Kennedy High School show choir, Happiness Inc., achieved the title of National Champion! We attended the national show choir competition in Nashville, Tennessee, and came home with the first national championship in Happiness’s history. The season was so fun and successful but there are many important things we did along the way to achieve our goal. Anyone can be a national champ you just have to put in all the work.
            Perhaps the most important part of preparing a show is having parents willing to back you up. They will be providing food, making costumes, and cleaning up after everyone so you must have some great adults willing to take on the job. You must also have parents who can help build props and who can be in charge of the Tec. crew. Although these are usually dads, moms can feel free to help too. The parents will be there for you throughout the entire season so you must grow to appreciate them and say thanks any time you can.
The Second step you must accomplish to win a national championship is you must have a great show. For the directors this can often be the hardest step because they have to determine what songs the show choir will sing. This is difficult because you always have to take the group into account. For example if you only have three tenors you cant pick a song that has a lot of tenor solo moments or where the tenors often have the melody. Also you have to be sure you pick songs that have the potential to have good choreography and wont wear out the singer dancers to quickly.
            The next step in achieving a national championship is choreography. In order to win competitions in the light of making it to nationals you must have a great choreographer. Someone who stresses precision and doesn’t make moves so fast and hard that they are impossible to clean. They must devote as much time to the group as they need and choreography camps in the summer time are always a must in order to get the dance moves down.
            Now comes the most important step. Singing. Even though show choir consists of singing and dancing, and you are scored on your singing dancing and band, singing is still by far the most important part. For example if you have an ok voice but a rocking dance ability you might not get in. if you have a fantastic strong voice but a very minimal dancing ability there is a much higher chance of you getting into a show choir. Singing is so important and you must have a great director who gives you lots of dynamics and tells you to grow on every single note. You must learn your songs and remember every little detail the director tells you to do.
            One of the last steps is practice. Once you have learned all of the songs and choreography you must practice putting both together with a band. You have to clean till your arms hurt from holding them in a certain position for so long you have to pay attention and remember everything that is cleaned in rehearsal. You also must learn to add faces to the choreography! If you go through a song singing your heart out and dancing with all the energy you have you still just won’t cut it if you don’t have good facials. You don’t want to look dead on stage. Something that always helps the boys is makeup. They MUST wear it!

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