Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to run your own mowing business

If you want to stop looking for coins in your cushions and start making money you should really go into the mowing business! This is the perfect way for someone to make money because a lot of people living in their nice new homes don’t know how to mow or are just to lazy to get of their butt for an hour and a half each week. The grass is always growing in the warmer months and that’s why mowing is a great job to have!
            If you wish to start a mowing business you first have to get a lawn mower. Depending on if you buy one new or used, riding or push, they can really vary in cost. However don’t but whatever lawn mower you find that is cheaper. Depending on what kinds of lawns your going to mow is what kind of mower you need! If you will be mowing big open lots or the grass on a college campus you need a riding lawn mower. If however you will be mowing half acre lawns with trees and gardens I recommend a push. For smaller lawns riding lawn mowers can often just be a hassle because of their size.
            Now that you have you have your mower you have to learn how to use it, if you don’t already know how. Unfortunately mowing isn’t something that’s very teachable over computer so just try it out a few times its easy once you get the hang of it. Always do a border around the entire thing and then do the inside in any direction you please. But make sure you don’t do the same direction every time because once you do it enough in one direction it could start tearing up the grass.
            After you learn to mow you have to get your name out! I recommend business cards because they are fast easy and it will be easy for the client to find your number if they need to call you! So think of a funky name for your business and slogan and you’re on your way! For example my business is called the tinker bell lawn service. And my slogan, a wave of my wand and poof your grass is gone. If business cards aren’t for you try flyers or signs.
            Finally you have your mower, the ability to mow, and you have clients, so now its time to start making money! I always do my bills in months so my clients know when they will be receiving their bill. Also you must decide what you will charge your clients. Always make it reasonable or you run the risk of loosing the client to a professional lawn service. If the lawn is of average size go about thirty dollars and then adjust from there. Now that you have everything you need you’re ready to go start your mowing. A check is just a month away!

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