Friday, February 3, 2012

HOW TO... Give your Cat a Bath Part 2

1.)    Now its time to get down and dirty. Possibly the hardest step, if your cat is smart, will be getting your kitty into the bathroom now containing running water, shampoo, a towel, and a hair dryer. So in order to chase your cat down you may need to put on some running shoes…just a suggestion. When you have successfully captured your kitty and managed to drag he or she (or in those unfortunate ball chopping situations an it) to the bathroom. Once inside close the door swiftly. There’s no turning back now.
2.)    Now its time to get your cat into the bath! Pick them up and carry them inside the shower closing the curtain or door firmly behind you. You are now free to set down your fur ball friend knowing he/she will not be getting away.
3.)    Once the initial freak out has subsided you can start wetting your cat down. I myself always put him under the spicket and then just scoop water with my hands on the other not wet places. Do not wet the face if you don’t have to! You do not want to have any risk of soap in the eye or water up the nose! Alas be very sure to avoid the ears unless you want to be applying swimmers ear eardrops for the next month!
4.)    Now you have to lather your kitty up! Squirt a quarter size amount of shampoo onto your cats back and gently rub it around (while also attempting to hold your cat in place). If you do not reach all spots with a quarters worth then add some more where its needed. Make sure to rub it around and make this as enjoyable for the cat as possible weather you only pet the can in one direction or if you give them a kind of massage, whatever your cat will like best! You’re the parent YOU decide. After rubbing in all the soap its time to rinse it all out and again I suggest placing your cat under the spicket and using handfulls of water to rinse those none reachable places.

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