Friday, February 3, 2012

HOW TO... Give your Cat a Bath Part 1

If any of you are cat lovers like me then you know from experience just how hard it is to give your cat a bath. Every time my kitty Otis manages to escape into the wild of my back yard I just know he is going to come back with flecks of mulch and shovels of sand in his fur. This is when the very precise skill of giving a cat a bath comes in handy.

1.)    The very first step towards getting back that new cat shine is making sure you have everything your going to need. Anything that you could possibly need because once you close that door it will be the survival of the fittest. Who will win…you or the cat? The most necessary items will of course be animal shampoo (sold at your local pet store) a towel, and a kitty brush. Another essential is a hair dryer. You may think why couldn’t I just towel my kitty off and let him air-dry his fur? This is a big NO NO if you don’t blow dry their fur at least mostly dry there is a ginormous (as in bigger than the completely ginormous toilets in elf) risk of your cat getting a cold. Not to mention the dampness you may feel when sitting down on your couch.
     2.)  The second step is getting everything ready! I always choose to wash my cat in my shower with me                     (bathtub included) because its easier to control him and when the curtain is pulled there is no way for your kitty to get out! So in order to prepare my surroundings I make sure the shampoo is in the shower, the bathtub is being filled with a comfortable temperature of water. Then I put the towel on the counter outside the shower and plug the hair dryer next to the brush so I’m all ready to go afterwards. The last thing you must do when getting ready is change. You may be saying, why would I do that? I can just bend over and only get my legs wet! Well darlin there’s going to be a lot more getting wet than just your legs. So for your comfort please put on a swimming suit and shorts if you must. 

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