Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Compare Contrast Part 2

            The clothes you wear while singing these two different kinds of music are very different. In choir all we do is throw on a old smelly green robe and some black character shoes. In opera however we always try to dress like a diva. When my school choir competes at a music competition we put on our robes with our hair however it had been the entire day. When I compete with opera, half the competition is who has the nicest outfits! We wear floor length gowns or old homecoming dresses! Also you never perform without wearing makeup! I always find myself putting on extra eyeliner and blush and it’s so fun to get ready! With choir I usually just wear my makeup like I would any other day! (which would be nothing!) The difference in appearance is huge, not to mention the additional costs of always having to have formal outfits.

Voice Part:
            One of the last big differences between singing opera and singing in school is what voice part I sing. When I’m with my voice teacher, I hit notes you wouldn’t believe! All of which are way above the staff but because I can also sing strongly very low, I have richness to my voice that is more common in a mezzo or alto. Because of this richness, I don’t blend as well with the soprano as I do with the mezzo-sopranos. In opera, this is no problem because I’m usually singing solo so I don’t have to worry about blending with other people. However, because high school choir is all about blend, I have been placed as a mezzo instead.

Although opera and singing in the Kennedy choir is quite a bit different, there are also some similarities. For one, both require being able to sing and read music. Another similarity would be the ping. Even though I tend to use more ping in choir, it is still vital in operatic singing and without good ping your voice tends to lose excitement and sometimes even can go flat. Also breathing is very similar in both choirs. Both types of singing require you to fill up your lungs as much as possible. If you can’t get enough breath when singing your voice could sound airy and for both types of singing that would not be good. The last big similarity is technicality. In both types of singing’ it is extremely necessary to use dynamics and other elements of music that makes the singing more fun to listen to.
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