Friday, February 3, 2012

HOW TO... Give your Cat a Bath Part 3

1.)    Now its time for the drying off process to begin. First you must get your cat out of the shower. Its your lucky day open the shower curtain and your cat will jump right out! You wont have to do a thing! Now’s the tricky part. Take the towel and try to rub/squeegee as much water off of your cat as possible. Weather you have to wrap him/her up in the towel like a baby or if you are just going for the pounce and rub effect! Either will work but only one will be fit to the personality of your cat. Any other improved versions of these will work too as long as you are successfully getting as much water off as possible! 
2.)    This is the important step. You don’t want your little kitty to catch a cold (or ruin any furniture) so you must blow-dry them! I often find its easier if the hair dryer is plugged in by the bathroom door because that is where the cat will be spending the majority of its time meowing and pawing at the door trying to get out! All you have to do is just try to move the hair dryer around so you don’t over heat one part of your kitties skin and brush the hair around with your hand so it will dry even faster! Do this until the fur is either all the way dry or mostly dry just make sure he/she is not wet enough to catch a cold!    
3.)    The ninth step is brushing your cat. You can do this now or give your cat time to run and roll around on the floor first. But make sure you brush everywhere so he/she’s fur looks nice and clean!
    10.)  So now your cat is clean but are you? Either towel all the excess kitty hair off you              or take your own shower! What ever will help you feel as clean as your newly cleaned cat! But remember you just put your kitty though 30 minutes of hell. So for your benefit, give your kitty a treat and know you are the best parent in the world!
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