Sunday, February 19, 2012

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This year on Single Awareness Day, aka Valentines Day, I was given an opportunity I had never even dreamed of. My voice teacher is an international opera singer and because of her career she knows many people all over the spectrum of our society. One of her friends just happens to be an Italian chief, at a restaurant in Iowa City, Iowa. This restaurant is called Baroncinni’s and is a cute little Italian restaurant with plenty of good food to choose from on the menu.
            The restaurant wanted to do a young artist program this year on Valentines Day so people could come eat Italian food and listen to Italian love songs. Karla’s friend asked if she had any students who would be willing to participate and I along with two of her other students were asked to sing on Valentines Day. One of her former students who now sings in college, also came back into town to be apart of this experience.
            It was a night of fun and it went like this. We all had to be dressed up and at the restaurant by 5:15, so we met dressed in our ball gowns, at our teacher’s house and drove out to Iowa City together. Our accompanist, Tony, was already there and we were all excited for a night of performing.
 I was up first, singing right after the guests had received their drinks and I sang an aria asking my father to let me run off and marry my true love! After I had finished and the first course had been served, it was my friend Lindsey’s turn. She sang an aria about how her love had betrayed her and how he had to choose to love her or the other woman. After the second course had been served it was Angie’s turn to sing. She sang an aria about how she found her true love and it was beautiful! After the third course had been served, Angie and my teacher Karla performed together and the song they sang was so beautiful and the harmonies sounded great in the acoustics of the restaurant. Lastly, it was Karla’s former students turn to perform. She sang while everyone was eating their dessert, the tower of love, and she sounded absolutely amazing, and the accompaniment Tony played was gorgeous, as his fingers scurried over the keys.
The last song that was performed on that very special evening was with all five of us! We sang a song in English asking the audience to accept the humble presents we were giving them. As we sang we handed out roses to all of the ladies. It was a glorious ending to a wonderful evening and I can’t wait to have another experience just like it!
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