Sunday, February 19, 2012

Life Isn't Fair

No matter what you do, it is impossible to please everyone. Whether you’re telling a story, singing a song, or writing a novel, there is no guarantee that everyone who hears you or sees your work will like it. You may also have people who just hold grudges or strong beliefs against certain people or organizations. For example, if you write a book, the novel might be amazing and a great attention grabber. But if someone is holding a grudge against the publisher you used, they may refuse to even consider reading it. It’s just the way people are and everyone has to deal with the consequences that may come with one person’s bad attitude.
            Just this last weekend my show choir attended a competition in Davenport, Iowa at the Adler Theatre. We compete at this competition every year, but this year our competitors were especially good. The way we saw it we could give our best show and end up first or fourth. So, naturally we were all very nervous for our performance.
            As it turned out, we without a doubt gave the best show of our season. Saturday, we all felt so good about our performance and just hoped that it would be good enough to go up against the other 3 good schools there. However, because someone was too wrapped up in their own life, they wasted all of our hard work for nothing. At the end of day rounds we were spread across the board. There were two judges that had us tied in first with Waukee h
High School, one judge that had us in second behind Waukee High School and one judge that had us in SEVENTH PLACE! How is that even fair! Of the six groups he placed above us, three didn’t even make it into finals! Now can anyone tell me how that’s even remotely fair!?
 After all the scores were averaged, we were in fourth place. So much for the past three competitions we have been grand champ at, because this one judge, who cared more about his personal life than the lives of the 50 kids on the Adler stage, just ruined our season.
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