Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pull Up Yo Pants!!!

Pants on the ground, Pants on the ground, looking like a fool with you pants on the ground.

Although I believe many people have heard the song Pants on the Ground from the American Idol auditions in 2010, many people are still not acknowledging the lyrics. In this original song, Pants on the Ground, a General talks about his dislike of seeing men with their pants hanging down below their knees. I think many people should really consider taking this mans words of wisdom, and think about maybe wearing a belt the next time they leave the house!

When I walk down the street the last thing I want to see is some guy’s underwear hanging out the back of his pants! So many guys, of the younger generation, have started picking up on this fashion statement. The only problem is, is that they don’t realize that this is a fashion don’t! If I wanted to see your butt, I would tell you! But since I haven’t asked you to show me your buttocks, and I assume no one else has either, I would be so happy if would just allow me buy you a belt!

Now the real question is, why do guys think it’s cool to wear their pants that low? Do they think their butt is just that nice, that they feel the need to show it off? If so, I would much rather you just wore some nice spandex! Does having your pants pulled all the way up make you feel a little hot? In that case, wear some shorts you idiot! Do you think that this fashion statement attracts the ladies? If you do think this, you are sorely mistaken! I believe I speak for most of the females in the world when I say, “You do not look attractive. You look stupid!”

So please, next time you leave the house remember to wear a belt! If not for me, for the entire population of the human race!
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