Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Makes Me Giggle!

I love walking down the street and seeing things that just make me smile or giggle! The best thing about life, in my opinion, is watching out for those small random things that just make you want to smile!

Just last night my parents and I went over to Vito’s for dinner! When we sat down we noticed a table filled with senior citizens. At least 15 of them! When taking a closer look, we noticed that one of the ladies had about a three inch high Mohawk! Except instead of the Mohawk going down the back of her head, this ladies Mohawk spread from ear, to ear, up and over the top of her head. The rest of the hair, on the back of her head, was brushed over into a side ponytail! It’s just the little things that make you smile! You could just tell that this lady loved her hair! Good for her, everyone should be confidant enough to do their hair however the heck they please!

Another thing that you see almost every day that just makes me want to giggle are dogs, and their owners. People always say that most owners look like their dogs, but for some they just look so similar I want to laugh! When you see a short wrinkly dog walking down the street and trailing slowly behind is an old wrinkly man, doesn’t it just make you smile? Or when you see a little Yorkie with long straight hair, and walking on the other end of the leash is a little person, also with long straight hair. I just love seeing people who look like their dogs!

I think my favorite thing to see is old people. I just love walking down the street and seeing a little old couple walking side by side. You can just tell by looking at them that they are just so in love. I can never help but smile! Or on the opposite side of the spectrum, when you see little kids! I love seeing children with no teeth on a whole half of their mouth! And they are always just smiling away because they are so excited they lost some of their teeth!

I think the point of life is just to capture the little things. Any situation can be worth smiling about if you just find something little that makes your day! Always know that if you look close enough, there is always something to see!
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