Sunday, November 6, 2011


Just two weeks ago many juniors, including my self, were asked to send in an application for national honor society. Although this blog may just sound like Maddy being vain, I wrote what they asked me too! Please don't take this as me thinking that I am all that! I can assure you... I am not!

I think to be successful you have to have a love for learning, the confidence to ask questions, the optimism to confront challenges in your day and a willingness to work. I believe these are traits I use everyday.

I like school but it doesn’t come easily for me.  I have to work hard to get a B or an A.  In middle school I struggled with math and missed taking Algebra in 8th grade.  I vowed to catch up.  As a sophomore I took two math classes at the same time to do so.  It was hard but worth it as I am now in pre-calc and looking forward to taking calculus next year. 

Asking questions is a way of life for me.  Questions help me understand and I have never been fearful of asking them.  In class, I find myself leading the discussion or work on a project to get it completed right. I am usually not the smartest one in the group, but by facing the project head on, I find I learn more and the work is completed faster.  

I have studied music for many years and I love learning new things about singing. This year I decided to take on the challenge of instructing the elementary choir at church. I have enjoyed being the energy for the group to keep these young kids awake and focused on learning new songs.  I have learned how to motivate others and myself. 

Finally I have a positive outlook on life.  You will normally see me with a smile on my face.  School is fun and learning comes easier with a positive attitude.  I find smiling and a positive attitude is infectious and helps motivate people around me.  These are the traits that I would bring to National Honor Society, should I be invited to join.  

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