Sunday, November 6, 2011

Best things to do for halloween!

Top three things to do for Halloween!

The number one thing to do on Halloween is go trick or treating! Although I’m sure there are many people in the world that would disagree, this is why I think trick or treating is the best.
All year everyone waits in anticipation thinking about what they want to dress up as for Halloween! Some people dress scary, others sexy, and some just throw something on to fit in! Every house you go to on Halloween is decorated differently! Some have giant spider webs or gravestones, and others have scary music or people popping out from behind pillars. Everyone celebrates differently! Another difference is what happens once the door to a house is opened! Some people make you do a trick for your candy, others in the case of one of my friends houses you must be able to solve a math problem to earn your candy! You never know what awaits you as you step up to house after house on Halloween night! Plus you can never go wrong when people are giving away free candy!

The second best thing to do for Halloween, is carve pumpkins! Although many people have stopped carving pumpkins because of lack of time or laziness, I think pumpkin carving is a key part in celebrating Halloween! Plus it’s a great way to express yourself in a way that everyone can see! There are so many different ways to carve a pumpkin you just can’t go wrong! On top of that, the luminous light of all the candles always looks way cool in the darkness of Halloween night!

3.) The third best thing to do to celebrate Halloween is roast pumpkin seeds! Although many people don’t even know how, I think it would be a waste to just toss out all of those perfectly good pumpkin seeds! Before cooking the seeds it is important to get all of the yucky orange pumpkin goop off! Then you add a little oil and salt to the seeds and put them in a skillet to cook! Make sure you mix them around and add more salt periodically till they are all lightly browned! This is when they are good enough to eat! And there you go now you have a delicious Halloween treat to munch on while your watching a scary movie on Halloween night!]
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