Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I chose to read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo(by: Stieg Larsson) because the happenings in the author’s life intrigued me. Shortly after writing the 3rd book of the series, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest, the author was murdered. This made me wonder if there was a secret in the 3rd book that wasn’t supposed to be known. This book is challenging for many reasons; such as many story lines, big words, and interesting characters.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a mystery.

One reason why this book is so challenging is the word choices. In this book, there are many big words in which I have never heard before. Also because one of the main characters in this book is being sued, there is legal lingo used. Not knowing what some of the words mean makes reading the book difficult for me.  When a word is used that I don’t know or in a context I am unfamiliar with, I find myself beginning to be confused as to what’s happening. It keeps me from being fully engaged in what I’m reading.

A second reason why this book is challenging is many different story lines are taking place. The entire book is written in 3rd person but because they talk about so many people it’s easy to get confused. This makes reading challenging because the book may be talking about one person but then they switch to another person’s story and if you don’t pick up on when the story change or remember what back round goes with which character Its very easy to get lost.

The third and final reason why I found this book challenging is the scene. This book takes place in a foreign country and because the places and names are so different than our own it is often hard to under stand. For instance in this book there is a man named Blomkvist. I found my self getting confused toward the beginning of the book because the author also used the word Bolsheviks. At first, I didn’t distinguish these two words as different words so I found myself slightly confused.

All challenges aside, this book is fantastic! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to really get into a mystery series. At first when I started reading this book I wasn’t really that interested. I didn’t understand how the story lines tied into the book as a whole. But as I kept reading I began getting more and more into it. Just learning about the characters can be interesting because they are so different from us. Once I got more toward the middle of the book though, I just didn’t want to put it down! I can’t wait to read the next two books and strongly advise anyone looking for a book to read, to pick up  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

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