Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ideal best friend quality's!

I love having a best friend! Always having someone to talk to or to vent to! Someone who is always there to answer your questions or just to chill on a Saturday night! Someone who you can trust to hate who you hate or tell you an honest opinion on how an outfit looks.

!.) A good best friend always knows how to listen! They let you tell them anything you want and then don’t tell anyone else unless you say its ok. Listening is important because everyone needs to vent and if you have no one to vent too then what’s the point!

2.) Second a best friend always has to have your back. A good friend always stands up for their friends and doesn’t turn around to stab them in the back. Honesty also comes with this. They don’t say they staying home to do homework and then go out with your boyfriend, or with just anyone at all. They have to be honest enough to tell you when your butt looks big or your boobs look completely fake in you push up bra.

3.) They cant be big headed. If your friend only cares about themselves then you probably will end up not being happy! If your friend is only concerned with being cool or improving their status you can bet that the second a popular girl asks her to hang out she wont be saying no to hang out with you. Its important to always make others feel just as important as you because feeling unimportant cant really lower ones self-esteem and a good friend should be building you up not breaking you down!

4.) Probably the most important thing in friendship liking a person for who they are. When you are with your best friend you have to be able to be your complete self. You shouldn’t have to worry about them judging you for being weird or too crazy. Being yourself should be the answer to every problem. Just as they should enjoy being around you, you must enjoy being around them because if you don’t things with not end up all warm and fuzzy.
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