Sunday, November 13, 2011


Upon arriving today at play practice we took attendance just like any other day, we talked about how close the show date was, and we got up on stage. Only today rather than starting though the beginning of the script we were told to site in a tight circle up on stage. Our director told us that rather than just going though the script we were going to just sit and say our lines. We were supposed sit and when it was our line we were just supposed to say it. It didn’t have to be in character, it didn’t have to be loud, it just had to be said…fast!

As we were going through the script people kept messing up over and over again! My friends and me were sooo bored. Until we saw the fly. There was a fly on the ground, on its back, trying to flip over! I, being slightly grossed out by bugs, flicked it away. It landed right side up and it flew away. Trouble was its wings were all scratched up (probably why it was on its back in the first place) and it quickly ended up back on the ground. I decided I was so board I was going to try to catch the fly! But for some reason when I put my hand down next to it, it just crawled right on! This was obviously a sign! I spent the next twenty minutes letting it walk around my hand and everyone was either grossed out or laughing at the fact that a bug was waltzing around in my palm. We decided to name him Fred.

We had only known Fred for about twenty-five minutes and people were passing him around to see him! After everyone had taken a look I set him on a piece of paper in between my friend and I. As the fly slowly escaped my friends thought, she was texting her boyfriend, she suddenly threw MY script to the ground. Right. On. The Fly!

As all of us gasped in horror my friend slowly lifted the script. FRED WAS DEAD!! He had been squished right there in front of all of us!!! My friend, Kyle Hanschman, was a Fly Killer!!!

I guess it was nice to know Fred at all, even if it was only for twenty-five minutes.
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