Sunday, November 13, 2011

Don't Get Your Panties In A Wad

Some people are just too sensitive! I can’t handle it when I’m trying to tell someone something to help them and they take it like a slap in the face! Constructive criticism is not a bad thing when given nicely and I believe that I am a mostly nice person!

Today in choir, we were rehearsing, Sing We Now Of Christmas, for our Christmas concert. Throughout the entire song, there is a line of music that remains the same with different words. However, at the very end of the song there is the same music with only one small note difference. Because we are mostly looking at our director why we are singing, we always seem to forget about that darn note!

Today, when we were singing through the song, we got to the end and everyone sang the note wrong including me! After this, we started working on a certain part of the end of the song. We ended up singing over the measure with that “note” about 5 times and every time everyone was able to hit the note, but one person. After about two times of hearing her sing it wrong and everyone else sing it right, I leaned over said, “Hey, make sure you’re not forgetting about the weird note on the last page!” I said it completely nicely and she snapped back at me like I had slapped her cross the face! The next time we sang it, the note was still wrong. After that last time, the director also noticed that someone was singing the note wrong and he told us to remember the different note. Not until after the director pointed out the note did she finally sing it correctly. If she wouldn’t have been so darn sensitive and defensive, she could have gotten the note the first time someone tried to help her!
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