Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nude Beaches!

After spending our four days in France, my mom dad and I got on a plane to Barcelona. My brother Ethan, who had been studying in southern France and traveling around Europe for the entire summer, met us there for the weekend before going back to school late Sunday night!

What I loved most about my trip to Barcelona was the city life. People would go out for dinner at 11:00 pm, go to a club at 1:00am and then stager home after a night of partying at about 7:00am! Barcelona was definitely all about living the nightlife! Although this life style was interesting to watch, my family and me did not participate!

On our trip, we did many things. Before Ethan went back to school, we were able to go on a four hour bike tour around Barcelona, lay out at the beach, visit Gaudi’s Park, and hang out at the hotel with the other Americans! Every thing we saw was so interesting, including the man who had tattooed a Speedo on himself, so that he wouldn’t have to wear a swimsuit! Although we had a fantastic time with my brother, after he left we were not hindered!

Once it was just my parents and I again, we did many fun things! One of the most interesting trips we took was to a mountain outside of Barcelona, housing a cathedral and a village of monks! We were able to see many paintings and interesting architecture. I lit a candle, that would “burn forever”, in honor of my uncle who was at the time, dieing from cancer. The next day we visited one of the biggest market in Europe. This market had anything you could possible want, including clothing, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruit, handmade items, and candy! We spent quit a bit of time browsing around that market and when we were done, we went out for an “eventful” dinner.

If you have read my vegetarian blog, then you know I decided to be a vegetarian, while in Spain. Well this dinner was when I made up my mind! After looking though the menu and going though the whole baby veal/skinned dog story, our dinner really got going! Before being served, we were given a shot of “homemade moonshine”. Let me just say, that after taking a sip, I passed the shot glass over to my father! Then after eating our food, we ordered desert! Since cheese was a popular desert in Europe, my mom got some cheese with walnuts. When her order arrived, she was given a basket of shelled walnuts and three giant clumps of cheese! How appetizing! What an eventful dinner!

After all our events, me and my mom spent the last day searching through stores and I managed to find 8 different sundresses that I bought! In the afternoon, we went on a cruise along the coastline then boarded a plane the next day!
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