Friday, October 14, 2011


If you weren’t able to tell by my last two blogs, I love animals! My favorite animal is a cat and that’s all thanks to my adorable fat cat, Otis! When I was only two, my siblings and me were walking around my grandparent’s farm. While we were exploring and enjoying the wonderful smell of cow dung (just kidding it smells terrible!) we came across two little kittens on the edge of my grand parents land! They were so cute and little so we decided we wanted to keep them! When we brought them back to the house my Grandpa said we had to keep them and he insisted we take both of them home with us, but my mother only wanted one! My father then went on to sneak the other kitten in the back of the car when my mom wasn’t looking! After about 8 years, Emil had a stroke and was put down, but Otis is still going strong!

A few years after that, my siblings and I were wondering around in the woods near our house! We started hearing meowing and found two little kittens lying under a pine tree! We took them home and fed them and ended up keeping them for a few days, but my parents said we couldn’t keep them! So rather than giving them to the pound, where they may never get adopted, we gave them to our neighbors! They kept both of them and Blizzard and Shadow both lived good happy lives!

After that we really didn’t find that many more animals! There were two more kittens both at different times in different places, but because we couldn’t keep them they both ended up at the pound! My sister and me even found three newly born kittens before the owner even knew her cat was pregnant! My sister and I also found a fair share of chipmunks, but we never kept them for more than a few hours! One of them even jumped on my head trying to escape its bucket! 
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