Friday, October 14, 2011


Do you know how it feels to zip line? The wind rushing into your face, the trees and valleys flying by below you! Soaring over a rushing river that is traveling down a mountain! The feeling of fear as you’re strapped to a wire and pushed off a landing 20 stories above the ground and feeling as if your falling for about a minute, as you travel along about 2000 ft of wire?

This is what my father and I did why we were in Whistler, Canada! My mom, dad and I took a vacation up in Canada just last summer! It was so much fun, but my favorite part was definitely zip lining! We went on a series of eight zip lines, traveling over the valleys of the Black Comb Mountains! Below us was a rushing river and thousands of pine trees! There was even a downhill mountain biking course, right below the last two lines! Our guides were really cool and we had a group of about 10 people with us! There’s nothing better than the feeling of flying through the sky!

Although just plain zip lining would have been great fun we were also given the opportunity to go down the wire upside down, backwards, spinning in circles, and any other way you can think of! Lets just say your hands and feet did not have to stay inside the vehicle at all times! The longest zip line was 2 miles over a rushing river below! If you held your body in the cannon ball position you can get going so fast your ears ring! Even though your going super speed you still have plenty of time to look around its as if your traveling in slow motion! It’s an experience like no other and I only hope others will get the opportunity to have wings and fly. I cant wait till my next zip!
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