Sunday, September 25, 2011


If you read my last blog than this next experience of mine may seem a bit odd to you! But it really did happen. It’s quite a coincidence. Today while practicing some music I need to learn for a singing competition I looked out the big window into my front yard! Literally the second I looked out a bird flew right into it RIGHT where I was looking! I than ran to the window and looked down where the bird had fallen! Less than 10 seconds after I saw the bird a chipmunk ran out of the bushes and started attacking! I then ran outside and scared the evil chipmunk away! I picked up the poor little bird and let it lay on my open hand! Then I went to my basement and found a box to put some more grass in!(Does this story seem a little familiar yet?)The Internet said I had found a red-eyed vireo! Its back is an olive green with a dark gray head, white belly, and a white strip over its eyes. The website also said they eat insects, caterpillars, and small fruit!

I don’t know if the bird I found is a boy or a girl so I decided to name it Barnabee! I named it this because Barnabee is the name my parents used for me before they found out if I was a boy or girl! So after finding out everything I could on line I decided to try to feed him! The Trouble is I don’t have any insects and I don’t know what’s considered a small fruit! I’m also concerned because Barnabee has a big bloody gash behind his left eye and is having trouble with his right leg! I don’t know what to do! I tried taking him out and getting him to Walk but all he does is stand there! The Internet also said these birds generally sing most of the time. I haven’t herd Barnabee make a sound! I feel bad cause this poor little bird is hurt and I don’t know how to help!

I sure hope Barnabee will live but if he doesn’t at least he wont be alone when it happens! I’m going to try my hardest to save this bird and I just hope that he gets better! I plan to put updates on my blog so if I find out anything else or I get him to eat I will be sure to post about it!

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