Sunday, September 25, 2011


Five years ago I was practicing some music I was trying to learn. When I looked out the big window into the front yard, I saw an hawk swoop down and pick something up off the ground.  It then began to fly away, but what ever had been its mouth had fallen out! I quickly ran outside to see what the hawk had dropped, and when I looked at the ground I saw an injured baby bird! Seeing that the hawk was now flying back, I picked up the baby bird and ran! I found a shoebox in my basement and filled it with grass. I then went online to find out what kind of bird I had rescued! The website I found told me what kind of bird it was, although I can’t remember the name now. It said under the description that the bird ate worms. So I went out and bought some!

I saved that baby bird and I named her Annabel. I taught her how to fly, and find food! Then about a week later after feeding her every two hours and moving her up and down on my finger to teach her how to use her wings she finally was ready to be set free again! I brought her out to my back yard and she flew away! I then went back inside my house! I soon began to miss her. After all, I had spent a whole week with her about 2 hours total a day! To take my mind off it, I decided to read out on the porch! About five minutes into reading I heard a chirping outside the door! It was quite annoying. It just kept chirping and chirping! Finally I went to the door to scare away this annoying bird! But when I opened the door it was Annabel! She had come back! I had missed her, but she needed to fly away and be free so I tried taking her to a neighbors yard a few hundred feet away! Again I went back to read and was interrupted by chirping! She just didn’t want to leave me! So I decided she could stay just a tinny bit longer!

The next day my whole family went out to my grandparent’s house! I decided to bring Annabel so I could give her worms! When It was time to leave I was bringing Annabel back to the car, but my mom told me I should leave her at the farm cause it was so open! She said Annabel would have a better life! I thought she was right so I let Annabel out of her box and brought her out back by a tree! I then remember her flying up into the tree, and I remember my parents telling me we had so go! I said my final good bye and never saw Annabel again! I can only hope my little bird was able to make friends, fend for herself, and have a long fun life! That’s all a mother ever wants and I wasn’t any different.

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