Friday, September 16, 2011

The Man Who Had No Hope

Three years ago while on a vacation with my family to Korea, my father and I saw a man with no legs and only 1 arm. Around his severed limbs someone had wrapped pieces of foam to cover up the wounds. He was lying down on a auto creeper, for he could not walk. With an extremely large boom box balancing on the front of his creeper he tried to sell CD’s because there was nothing else he could do to make money! With many of the population in his country poverty stricken he was just trying to survive.


When we came back from Korea we decided these poor people needed help! After all no one should have to live they're entire life creeping along the ground like an animal. So i decided i needed to do something to help all the other unfortunate people like this man. Every year my church does a big fundraising activity. My father and I decided to raise money to buy PET’s, Personal Energy Transportation for people with no legs. When we brought up the idea at our church, everyone thought it was a fantastic mission! A PET is a three-wheeled pedal powered bike. Except instead of the pedals being down at the bottom of the bike so you could peddle with your feet, they are up at the top so the people with no legs can peddle with their hands. We were so ecstatic it could be so easy to change someone’s life! Now instead of crawling along on an auto creeper that man is rolling down the street on his new three wheeled, wood PET. Each PET costs 200 hundred dollars to make and we managed to raise enough money to purchase and give out 12 PET’s. I’m just so happy I was able to be apart of changing 12 people’s lives as drastically as I did!

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