Sunday, September 25, 2011

Homecomming survival guid.

Survival topic 1.)
 Find the PERFECT dress! When going shopping for your dress, make sure you match your body type! For instance girls who would normally double up on the padded bra! Is that really necessary? NO, it’s not. You don’t have to have a girnormous bust to attract your date! So rather than finding a dress that your push up bra has to hold up, find a dress that has ruffles, roushing, or a exciting pattern, to detract from the fact that your cup size is not a DD. Secondly, make sure that when you’re looking for your dress, you only buy the one you LOVE. "Well, one thing I know about shopping is that if you don't absolutely love it in the store, you won't wear it. The store is, where you like it best. So before you choose something, think of yourself wearing it and say to yourself: Is this me?" (Blind Side the movie)

Survival topic 2.)
 Once you have found your dress, you have to accessorize! The most important accessory you can add to your outfit is SHOES! When buying your shoes make sure to check that they match! If your dress is black and white.... BORING! Try to use your shoes to add an accent color! On the other hand if your dress has too much color, or you can’t find shoes that exactly match, black and silver are always good colors! The other thing you have to worry about when looking for your perfect glass slipper is the heel! If it’s too low you’re telling people you’re mature and not a lot of fun! On the other hand, if you’re shoes are too high, you’re basically just screaming at people to call you a hooker! You must find the perfect 3-4 inch heel that gives you the look of a fun- loving, good girl. Unless you actually are a hooker... and in that case, you’re on your own!

Survival topic 3.)
 HAIR! Your hair is probably the most important thing after the perfect dress! Plus there's so many ways it could go wrong and look terrible, so this is a very serious matter! If your dress is a one shoulder or has cool looking/intricate straps, don't let your hair cover them! Secondly, if you’re wearing a big chunky necklace don't let your hair get in it’s way! Thirdly, don't do something to your hair that people already see everyday of the week! For instance, if you wear your hairs straight almost every day to school, then do something fun with it! Odds are people are bored of seeing your hair always look the same and I will bet you your hair is bored of it too! When you’re picking your hairstyle, be careful not to pick something that could easily look bad! Plus, just because you’re getting it done doesn't mean it’s going to automatically look amazing! Don't get your hopes up too high! Last but certainly not least, watch out for the poof! You make it too big, you could be looking like Snooky or getting it caught in tree branches! But if you make it too small, you could end up looking bald and I really don't think you are going to want a picture of that sitting on top of your date’s bedside table for the next month!

Hope my tips were helpful!!! :)

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