Sunday, September 25, 2011

I LOVE Singing

I love to sing sooo much! At school I am involved with show choir, concert choir, chamber choir, the fall musical, and the All-state competition process. Plus on top of that, I take private voice lessons from an international opera singer, and I am currently getting ready for a national voice competition called NATS! I also try to sing at church anytime I learn a spiritual song.

None of these things would matter if I didn’t have people to sing with! Singing can be fun alone, but it’s so much more rewarding to sing with a full choir and have that beautiful four-part harmony! Plus you get to be really good friends with the people you’re singing with!

My favorite choir to be in at school is Happiness Inc. That is the Varsity show choir at Kennedy and our songs and dances are so much fun to perform! We aren’t nearly done with our show yet, but learning all the new music is just as much fun as performing it! It’s a lot of hard work and long hours but once you nail the dance move, hit the cord perfectly, or even just get to spend time with your friends, it’s all worth it! We’re not allowed to share what the songs are yet, but trust me! You are really going to want to come and watch us!

Although singing in a group is fun, singing on your own can also be very rewarding! When you sing solo, you’re able to select music that is challenging and takes forever to get right! That’s why I take voice lessons! The time I spend every day working on my songs that are written in Latin, French, Italian, German or any other languages, may take a ton of time to get down, but when you’re up on stage all by yourself hoping you nail it just right, everything is worth it!

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