Sunday, April 15, 2012

So Many Choices

As high school students of the twenty first century we have so many things offered to us. There are so many different things we can do during our high school career, it really seems as if there is no limit.
At my high school you can be any person you want to be. We have something for everyone it just depends on what your interested in. For example If you like video games we have a actual video game club you could go to. If your more of a do gooder there is multiple volunteering clubs at school you could get involved with such as Interact club or key club. Or if these aren’t to you liking you can come to school and make your own club suitable to anything you like to do! We have so many options and this is only the beginning.
Also at my high school we have AP courses. You can take any you like and there are multiple in all different subjects! We have AP for government, economics, US history, Human Geography, World History, Music Theory, Psychology, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Language and Composition, the list goes on and on and these are only the beginning. You can be in any classes you want to and it’s all offered to us in high school.
Another thing you could do in high school is be involved in the arts. We have classes for choir in all grades, ceramics, sketching, show choir, select choirs, jazz band, band for all grades, orchestra, and again on and on goes the list. There’s so many things you couldn’t possible manages to do even half of them!
One very different thing offered by my high school is classes at Kirkwood community college. You can excel in high school and once you have gone as far as you can you can start taking college classes that go towards you getting your high school diploma! You can take classes for engineering and math or anything else you wish to excel in.
Most obviously high schools have sports. You can try any sport you want and most of them are offered at your school. You can do things from track to wrestling and cheerleading to football. It doesn’t matter what you want to do your school will most likely provide it.
High school allows us to find out who we are and what we like to do. It lets us excel in things and maybe even suck in things to. But without high school our lives would not be as diverse as they are in today’s world. We are lucky to have so many options.

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