Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nicola Faires

This weekend my cousin, Nicola Craig, now called Nicola Faires, got hitched. She is 25 and has been in Alaska, with the Navy, for one year and eight months. My cousins’ family is very religious and church always comes first with them. They also go by the “you don’t date until your ready to mate” policy. Well I guess my cousin was ready to do just that because only six months ago she met Mark. He is a missionary up in Alaska and has a plane that he uses to travel from city to city since there aren’t very many roads connecting all the cities’ up there.
            My cousin had a very nice church wedding and the entire congregation helped them with anything that had to be done at the church. Her dad helped pay for the bathrooms and a few of the rooms of the church to be redone and by the time the wedding came the whole church looked great. Nicola’s colors were royal blue and gray and all the groomsmen were wearing blue ties and all the bridesmaids were wearing royal blue dresses. The tables were decorated with blue tablecloths and big vases held many pretty flowers and peacock feathers!
            My sister is a cake decorator and my cousin asked her to do her wedding cake. She wanted a simple four-tier cake and my sister used whipped cream frosting and put flowers going up all the tiers. It was very pretty and my cousin really liked it! The dress Nicola wore was amazing. She is such a small girl and her dress just made her look as thin as a toothpick! It was white with lace all up and down it. It had a train with a bar back. It was not strapless but it was still very pretty and showed a lot of skin! The service was very simple and everyone enjoyed talking to family and just having a good time at the reception.
            The next day at church, there was a brunch for anyone who wanted to come from the wedding and they had some left over cake, cinnamon rolls and some other good foods! The bride’s father, my uncle, informed us that Nicola and Mark had left for their honeymoon and had told no one where they were going!  They only left the parents one emergency number to use. I guess it’s a mystery where the newly weds went to spend their first nights as a couple but wherever it was, I bet they will have so much fun, and all I can do is wish them eternal happiness.
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