Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Big Dance

This weekend my show choir, Happiness Inc., performed in the Big Dance Competition at Davenport North High School. This was our second competition this year and only our fourth and fifth time performing our entire show. On Saturday, January 21, 2012, we woke up early to catch a charter buss, to Davenport. It was an hour and a half long bus ride, but when sitting next to your friends playing fruit ninja and doodle jump, no bus ride is long enough!
We had to be dressed and ready at 4:10 and because I was at a wedding in Davenport until three o’clock, I had to rush back to the school so I would have time to put my make up and costume on. We had our daytime performance at 5:00pm and the feeling of performing was great! We were all so jittery before and excited to perform. Our director had told us that when we were performing we should focus only on having fun and let everything else just fall into place! When we went out to perform, that’s what we did and although there were a few little mistakes, we all felt as if we did an awesome job.
Our critic went great and she gave our band and us some good things to work on. She was a very nice woman and we all enjoyed hearing what she had to say about our show. After our critic, we went to daytime awards and patiently waited to find out who would be going on to finals and who would be sent home. The announcer of awards finally got to show choir results and announced that Happiness, Inc. had come in first place in daytime awards! We had also gotten best vocals and best band! We were all so excited but we held back our yelps. saving our voices for finals. We also found out that our prep show choir had gotten first in the prep division and would be performing last in finals!
When we returned to our homeroom, our director told us we had beat the second place group by forty-one points! In show choir, ten points is a lot and we came out forty-one points ahead! We were all so excited for finals and that Protégé was going to be able to also perform in finals and we all rushed off to have dinner before we had to get dressed and ready for our 9:00pm performance.
Our finals performance was, if possible, our best performance yet. Since the, just have fun thing had defiantly worked in daytime, we did it again at finals and because we had all had time to get our jitters worked out in our first show there was almost no mistakes! I think that I had my personal best show and we all hoped we would pull out in first, as we had during daytime.
When we went to the awards ceremony the auditorium was jam-packed! There were people everywhere and we all tried to get a good seat next to all our group members!  The announcer for the final awards hushed the entire audience as we all waited, holding our breath. He announced the places from 5th to 1st and we waited just hoping our name was at the bottom of the list! When there were three groups left, he announced that Happiness, Incorporated had gotten two caption awards! We won best vocals and best choreography! We were so excited and just waited to hear our name! When he announced that Happiness had come in first place and handed over the huge trophy, we all swarmed the stage just trying to grasp and remember this amazing feeling! We later found out we had beat the second place group by 75 points and that was the perfect end to a perfect day.

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