Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best Day Ever

Do you ever have one of those days that just make you wish that everyday could be exactly the same? Well for me, yesterday was one of those days! Everything just seemed to be going my way and I would consider it one of the most fun days in my show choir career.
            When I woke up Friday morning, I was greeted with a lovely surprise. We had been granted a two-hour delay! I was so excited, knowing that Friday night would be a very long and late night, so I went back to sleep. When I awoke two hours later, my day was already great. I was so refreshed and I had truly enjoyed sleeping in! Also I had twenty extra minutes to get ready than normal, because on snow days zero hour classes start 2 hours and twenty minutes later than normally scheduled! I ate breakfast with my mom and was on my way.
            My drive to school definitely did nothing, but improve my already great mood immensely. Because of the newly fallen snow, everything was blanketed in white and all of the trees looked so pretty. I didn’t even feel as if I was in my neighborhood. Everything looked foreign and beautiful to me. The wonderland continued at I pulled out onto the main drag, 42nd Street, to get to school.
            Once I arrived at school, my day continued to get better with the fact that I got the pleasure of walking in with, my soon to be WPA date, Jon. We had a fabulous chat in which I was sticking my tongue out reaching for snowflakes and we commenced with our day. School was fine in the morning, but what really brightened my mood was that we didn’t have a fourth hour. That meant that my friends and I got to go out to eat over a hour and twenty minute long period! We went to Jimmy Johns, my favorite place in the world, and my day continued to rise up the bar!
            After lunch we had class, but it wasn’t that bad because all we were doing was preparing a project we all have to turn in on Monday. After 5th hour ended, all my show choir buddies and me headed down to the choir room to start a singing workshop, with the director of the BEST show choir in the nation. Bret has worked with us before, but having him back really vamped our sound and we continued to get better and better. Even though our school day ended at 3 pm, we continued with Bret until 5 pm and in that time we worked on our opener vocals and our ballad vocals.
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