Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An Unexpected Surprise

Why do so many girls not like the way they look? Why do they feel the need to cake on the make up every morning? Why does no one make the effort to tell every girl like this that they look beautiful just the way they are???
            Just last week I was in the girls’ bathroom and when I walked out of the stall to wash my hands there was a little blue post it note right above the sink. It said, “Don’t cake on the make-up. You are beautiful, just the way you are!” When I saw this little note I was taken aback! I didn’t understand why someone would put that over the sink in the girl’s bathroom. I then looked above the other sinks and saw that there was other notes above all of the other sinks also written on little blue Post it notes. After curiously reading through all of the notes I went back to class and was thinking about the little blue notes awhile longer. Finally I came to the conclusion that the post it notes were, in fact, a very good thing!
            There are so many girls out there who don’t think they are pretty. Even worse they make up for their “not prettiness” by putting pound after pound of make up on. They try to cover up the imperfections that make them who they are. Girls use bronzer to make them look tanner, and fake eye lashes with thick eyeliner, all in hopes of making themselves look prettier. When in fact, God has already made all of them beautiful. He makes no mistakes.
            Some of the other post it notes said things like “Embrace today, you are BEAUTIFUL enjoy it”, “Embrace your imperfections. You are beautiful.”, “Beauty is found in the heart, not the mirror!”, and lastly “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You ARE Beautiful”. These notes are great because you never know what girl is going to read them! They could have been having a really bad day and needed the pick me up that these notes supplied. Whoever was nice enough to write those notes could have made someone’s day ten times better.
            All it takes is telling someone you like their shirt, or shoes, or hair. You could be responsible for making that girl feel great about herself on the inside, and on the outside!
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