Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This year for Christmas Santa gave me many great presents! In my stocking I found some very funny things! First I pulled out a package of assorted adhesive mustaches! I was so very confused, but upon opening the Hulk Hogan mustache and placing a bandanna around my head, I instantly understood how much fun an assortment of adhesive mustaches could be! Also in my stocking was the Clapper! That’s right, Santa gave me a little plug in box that allowed me to clap things on, and clap things off. I have never expressed a need for the Clappe, but I will say my family and I had a great time hooking it up to the Christmas tree!
Some other things I found in my stocking were Pickle Band-Aids, which also included a pickle sticker! How great! I guess I can add this year’s funky Band-Aid to the others from past years! Including Lips Band-aids, and Bacon Strips. (Please remember I am a vegetarian) Also in my stocking, I found some Corn Dog Mints! (Again…I am a vegetarian) I just love Santa’s stockings!
Mysteriously enough, I saw my mom buying one of my Christmas presents this year. It was a beautiful pair of black button Uggs. However, upon opening my Santa gifts, I realized that he had also bought me a beautiful pair of black button Uggs! But I then realized that the Uggs my mom had bought me were not under the Christmas tree! I guess my mom found out Santa was getting them for me and decided to return them! Good old Santa!
The last Santa present I opened this year was an I -Pod Touch! Earlier this summer my I -Pod Nano died! It wouldn’t charge and it wouldn’t turn on, it was dead! I wished and wished for Santa to bring me an I –Pod Touch and he did! Thank goodness for that too because I am getting very tired of radio music and am very ready to get back to listening to my Glee songs in the car! I had a fantastic Christmas this year and I just can’t wait till next!

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