Monday, January 2, 2012


Every thing is changing. Every Christmas, in my family, is the same. I wake up, annoy my parents for awhile, yell at my siblings to get their butts out of bed, and sit on the steps waiting for all them to just get up and get out to the stairs so we can go open presents! We have many great traditions; I wouldn’t change any one of them for the world!
Every Christmas morning my parents wake up, and start getting ready for their day! My mom starts breakfast and my dad gets the video camera out. Shortly after they’re up and around, I wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to go see what Santa brought but there’s always just one problem. None of my siblings are ever awake! I walk around up stairs in my PJ’s, not bothering to be quiet just waiting for at least one of them to come out their door! After about twenty minutes of this, my dad grabs the video camera and we go jump on all their little sleeping heads and insist they must come out to the hall so we can go see if Santa came! My brother Ethan is usually the last awake and boy oh boy is it boring waiting for him!
First, we all sit on the top step of the stairs. We’re not allowed to go down until all of us are up and ready, so sometimes I find myself sitting alone for quite some time. Once we’re all there, my dad holds out the video camera asking us if we think Santa came, and what we think he brought us. This year however there was a question of a different color in the mix! He asked us what we were going to miss most about Christmas after my sister Elise gets married this summer. My oldest brother answered the question with, “It’s not like she’s going to die!”  We all started laughing! We continued this joke as we ran down the stairs to see just what Santa brought!
The first thing we do after getting down stairs is stake out where Santa put our pile of presents! After we find our “Christmas day perch” we all run and get our stockings, always finding a few signature Santa things. First we always get the same kind of candy. It’s in the shape of a ball and is all chocolate with a middle of a different flavor! Also we can always expect some band-aids, but they are never your normal tan colored band-aids. Somewhere in the world they sell band-Aids in tin cans and every year we all get band-aids with very different designs, such as bacon, pickles, or lips. Before we can open our real presents, we always eat breakfast and in every signature “Deborah Christmas Breakfast”, we always have a butter braid! They are so very delicious and I always look forward to eating them on Christmas
After breakfast we all go back to our spot in the family room and take turns opening our Christmas presents! It’s always fun seeing what everyone gets, but after seeing our sister opening many things relating to her wedding, all of our minds go back to the same question. What will we miss most after Elise gets married this summer?
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