Monday, January 2, 2012

New I Pod!

My favorite gift by far this Christmas was my I Pod Touch! I was feeling really lonely when my Nano died and I really just couldn’t stand the radio any longer but now I have a great new I Pod Touch to listen to Glee on! The initial reason for wanting a new I Pod was because my old one broke and I really wanted to listen to music other than what was on the radio! Now however the thing I can’t live without is all the apps!
Since receiving my I Pod on Christmas day I have gotten many new apps o my I Pod including, Words with Friends, Pandora Radio, Doodle Jump, Unblock Me, Penguin Wings, Glow Draw, Angry Birds, Finger Scan, Fruit Ninja, and Twitter! The App I use the most is Pandora Radio! I love being able to listen only to the music I like and nothing more, and the convenient size of my I pod allows me to stick it in my back pocket and carry the music with me where ever I go with out having to use my head phones! I have never liked wearing head Phones and I’m just ecstatic that I no longer have to put up with the uncomfortable ear buds! Also I love that I can listen to great music without having to buy it first!
Another App I use a lot is Doodle Jump! I’m really not very good at this game but it’s just so darn addicting that I can’t stop! I love being able to change the scene! My favorite scene is the under water one because I love the sound the bubbles make! Also even though I’m not very good at it, its not like I’m stuck on a level or doing the same thing over and over again! Everything is always different and I love it!
I also really enjoy playing Words with Friends, and Fruit Ninja! Words with Friends is great because if you’re tired you don’t really have to do anything! It’s really just an intellectual game and I’m terrible at spelling so I find it quite challenging! Everyone is always scoring more points than me! Fruit Ninja is the complete opposite! I like this game because you don’t have to think at all you just have to slash all the fruit that goes up into you screen! It’s all reflexes and I’m actually good at this game.
Probably the best thing on my I Pod after the music is the messaging! I love that I can message anyone who has an Apple product from my I Pod! It’s like having a separate phone except I like the set up better than my phones and it has a touch screen! Before I never wanted a touch screen phone but now I think a Droid or an I Phone would be really great!
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