Monday, January 2, 2012


On a normal day-to-day basis, I don’t consider myself a gamer! Occasionally I’ll get out the PS2 or the Wii, but normally I just watch TV or movies when I’m bored! When family is home though, TV just doesn’t have enough excitement! This is when having two systems is worthwhile! My brothers and me are very competitive by nature and we love challenging each other at things that really don’t matter, just to see who will win! This year we centered on the Wii. We played Mario Party, Super Mario Brothers, and Mario Cart, all to see just who was “game” enough to win!
First we broke out the Super Mario Brothers! We ended up getting through about two worlds, by the end of break and my brothers definitely topped me on the skill level! I’m not bad, but I’m just not a guy! It takes a certain kind of person to be good at every kind of video game they play and I’m just not one of them! However, when we started playing Mario Cart, it was a totally different story!
When we decided to borrow the game Mario Cart from my neighbor, my brother Drew was all over me saying that I was going to get my butt kicked! He said I was going to lose every time, but I hardly think he is still saying such things now! After our first round we had played four races! In the first course, I got first place! In the second course, I was placed second while he was placed first. Although this is definitely not a bad ranking, it still gave him partial bragging rights, which I would definitely not allow! On both the other two races I was placed first and my bother instantly challenged a re- match! We then played another round of four races and I again got first in three out of four of them! Needless to say, I won the Mario Cart title!
The third game we played over break was Mario Party 8! If you have played this game, then you know it is about 99.9% luck and about .1% skill! Unfortunately my luck was not running free on the days we played this game! I always managed to roll ones and twos on the dice. Even though for much of the game I had the most points, I was never able to get to the star fast enough! Therefore, my brother Ethan took home the win on this game although I hardly think it counts since it took no real skill!
So even though I could only win one out of the three games played this year, I definitely think I am the over all winner! But I guess we will just have to wait until next year to see all of major video gaming skill!
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