Sunday, November 6, 2011


My Father is a lawyer. Because of this job my father has to represent people in court who have been accused of committing a crime. These people are called the defendants. Although I believe my father is very well known in Cedar Rapids, it always helps having people who will send clients in my father’s direction. This is what the IADC is good for.

IADC stands for International Association of Defense Council. The purpose of this organization is to allow lawyers all over the world to meet and network. This is helpful because let’s say my father here in Cedar Rapids was asked if he knew or recommended any defense lawyers in New York. Since he is part of the IADC my father knows many different lawyers from New York whom he could recommend, and the lawyers he knows in New York know many lawyers here in Cedar Rapids as well.  This is why the IADC is useful.

Every year the IADC has a big gathering. This gathering has meetings and knowledgeable guest speakers for the lawyers in the family and is always held in fun interesting places so the rest of the family always has other activity’s to choose from. Because there are meetings every year and they last about two weeks you really get to know a lot of the members. I myself have made many good friends through this organization who I still have contact with throughout the year! Because of the IADC i have good friends in Tennessee, Florida, Austria, France  and England. It's so fun being able to meet these people and be able to learn new things about their culture.
Since my father has joined the IADC he has attended many meetings only bringing me to 3 of them. He has been to Italy, West Virginia, Barcelona, and Canada. This coming summer our trip is going to take us to North Carolina, and the year after that is Hawaii! Although going to all the resorts is fun, the best part is definately being able to spend time with all my new friends!

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